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4africa is a faith-based nonprofit devoted to dramatically improving conditions in unstable areas of East Africa.

4africa is committed to the premise that having clean, safe water is a fundamental human right. Making safe drinking water readily available drastically improves health, livelihoods, and saves community members valuable time previously spent walking miles to a water source each day. Clean water restores health and dignity, allowing our partner communities to focus on education, work, family, and other productive activities.

Working in some of the most challenging regions in Africa, 4africa is living out the Gospel and helping Africans transform their communities from the inside out.

Bringing hope4 now
and 4ever

Although 4africa tangibly exemplifies the love of Christ
through clean water and health projects, our primary
focus is on the hearts of the people we serve. Jesus
loves unconditionally, and so do we. Through our work
we engage the people around us and introduce them to
the One who will renew their souls, not just their bodies.
We want to bring lasting hope to these communities by
empowering faith-filled leaders to be agents of change.

Our Values:
  • Intentional faith
  • Unwavering purpose
  • Expansive discipleship
  • Impactful service
  • Focused stewardship
  • Lasting change
  • Thoughtful accountability
  • Active excellence

At DPS Land Services, we are
committed to bettering our business,
our community and the world.

DPS Land Services, LP is a full service land company offering services throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia. In addition to providing the highest level of oil and gas services, we believe in getting involved to help make a difference in the world, as well as the communities from which we operate. 

This is why we have launched our DPS4Better campaign, which allows us to spotlight various organizations and the work they are doing to make a difference in the world. We ask that you join us in supporting these great organizations in any way you can. 

To learn more about DPS Land Services, please visit our main website here.